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W.P. Carey School of Business W-Shaped Recovery W-2 Form W-4 Form W-8 Form Definition W-9 Form Weighted Average Coupon (WAC) Weighted Average Cost of Capital – WACC Weighted Average Cost of Equity (WACE) Wage Assignment Wage Earner Plan (Chapter 13 Bankruptcy) Wage Expense Wage-Price Spiral Wage Push Inflation Wealth Added Index (WAI) Waiting Period Waiver Of Coinsurance Clause Waiver Of Demand Waiver Of Exemption Waiver Of Notice Waiver Of Premium For Disability Waiver of Premium for Payer Benefit Waiver Of Restoration Premium Waiver of Subrogation Waiver Waiver of Premium Rider Weighted Average Loan Age (WALA) Walk-Away Lease Walk-Through Test Wall Street Journal Prime Rate Wallflower Wall of Worry Wallpaper Wall Street Walmart Effect Walras' Law Definition Walrasian Market Weighted Average Market Capitalization Wanton Disregard War Damage Insurance Corporation War Economy War Exclusion Clause War Risk Insurance War Bond War Chest Warehouse Bond Warehouse Financing Warehouse-To-Warehouse Clause Warehouse Receipt Warehouser's Liability Form Warehouse Lending Warehousing Weighted Average Rating Factor (WARF) Warm Calling Warm Card Warning Bulletin Warrant Warrant Coverage Warrant Premium Warranty Deed Warranty of Title Warranty Definition Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE) Wash Wash-Out Round Wash Sale Wash-Sale Rule Wash Trading Wassily Leontief Wasting Trust Wasting Asset Watchlist Water Damage Insurance Water Damage Legal Liability Insurance Water ETF Water Exclusion Clause Water Quality Improvement Act Of 1970 Water Rights Watercraft Insurance Watered Stock Waterfall Concept Waterfall Payment Wave Weak AI Weak Dollar Weak Form Efficiency Weak Hands Weak Longs Weak Shorts Weak Sister Wealth Tax Wealth The Wealth Effect Wealth Management Wealth Psychologist Wear And Tear Exclusion Wearable Technology Weather Insurance Weather Derivative Weather Future Web 2.0 Web Syndication World Equity Benchmark Series (WEBS) Wedge Wednesday Scramble Weekend Effect Weekly Mortgage Applications Survey Weekly Premium Insurance Weekly Chart Wei Weighted Average Remaining Term (WART) Weighted Weighted Alpha Weighted Average Weighted Average Credit Rating Weighted Average Life (WAL) Weighted Average Maturity (WAM) Weightless Economy Welfare And Pension Plans Disclosure Act (WPPDA) Welfare Loss Of Taxation Welfare State Definition Welfare Welfare Economics Wellbore Wellness Program Wells Notice XOF (West African CFA Franc) Western Account Westpac Consumer Confidence Index Wet Loan Wharton School Whartonite Widely Held Fixed Investment Trust (WHFIT) Whipsaw Definition Whisper Number Whisper Stock Whistleblower White-Collar Crime White Label Product White List States White Collar White Elephant White Knight Whitemail White Paper White-Shoe Firm White Squire Whitewash Resolution Definition White Candlestick Whole Life Annuity Due Whole Life Annuity Whole-Life Cost Whole Life Insurance Whole Loan Definition Wholesale Energy Wholesale Insurance Wholesale Money Wholesale Trade Wholesale Banking Wholesaling Wholly Owned Subsidiary Whoops When Issued – WI Wide Economic Moat Wide-Ranging Days Wide Variety Wide Basis Widow Maker Widow-And-Orphan Stock Widow's Allowance Widow's Exemption Wilcoxon Test Wild Card Option Wild Card Play Wildcat Banking Wildcat Drilling Wildcatting Wilder's DMI (ADX) Will William Cavanaugh III William Dillard II William F. Sharpe Bill Gross William J. O'Neil Williams Act Williams %R Definition and Uses Willie Sutton Rule Wilshire 5000 Total Market Index (TMWX) Win/Loss Ratio Definition Windfall Profits Windfall Tax Winding Up Window Guaranteed Investment Contract Window of Opportunity Window Dressing Windstorm Hazard Windstorm Insurance Winner-Takes-All Market Winner's Curse Winsorized Mean Definition Wirehouse Broker Wire Room Wire Fraud Wirehouse Wire Transfer Wisconsin School of Business Wisdom of Crowds Witching Hour With Benefit of Survivorship With Approved Credit (WAC) With Discretion Withdrawal Benefits Withdrawal Credits, Pension Plan Withdrawal Penalty Withdrawal Withdrawal Plan Withholding Withholding Allowance Withholding Tax Without Evidence of Insurability Without Recourse WM/Reuters Benchmark Rates Wolfe Wave Word-Of-Mouth Marketing (WOM Marketing) Worden Stochastics Wordpress (CMS) Work Cell Work Ticket Workable Indication Workers' Compensation Coverage A Workers' Compensation Coverage B Workers' Compensation Workflow Working-Age Population Working Class Working Control Working Interests Working Tax Credit (WTC) Working Capital (NWC) Working Capital Loan – Definition Working Capital Management Working Capital Turnover Definition Working Ratio Work-in-Progress (WIP) Workout Agreement Workout Market Workout Period World Bank Group World Economic Forum (WEF) World Economic Outlook (WEO) World Insurance World Bank WorldCom World Gold Council (WGC) Worldwide Coverage Worldwide Income World Federation Of Stock Exchanges World Fund Worthless Securities Wholesale Price Index Definition Wrap-Around Insurance Program Wrap-Around Loan – Definition Wrap Fee Wrap-Up Insurance Wrap Account Wraparound Mortgage Writ of Attachment Writ Of Execution Writ Write-Off Write-Down Writer Write-Up Writing An Option Writ of Seizure and Sale Written Premium Written-Down Value Wrongful Dishonor Wrongful Termination Claim West Texas Intermediate (WTI) World Trade Organization (WTO)